The East Cobb cityhood committee has presented a feasibility study to the Georgia Legislature. Based on the study's findings, the city of East Cobb will be financially feasible and operate with a comfortable surplus. No new taxes would need to be levied on residents to fund the cities operations.

Since the cityhood bill was introduced in March, the committee has conducted many community meetings in the past several months. There was a high interest in having the city assume Police & Fire services; therefore, the committee determined to add those services to the feasibility study. Thus, a city of East Cobb would be able to introduce community policing to East Cobb and maintain the same high levels of fire service without levying any new taxes.

The proposed services of the city of East Cobb in this feasibility study are police, fire, planning and zoning, and local ordinance.


Here is a Summary of Financial Analysis table that can be found on page 4 of the document.

Parks and recreation services were moved to the appendix of the survey to allow legislators and residents to understand the financial impact those services could have on city operations.