The Committee for East Cobb Cityhood aims to create a local, accountable governing body for East Cobb in a city with a mayor and council elected by its residents.


The two main objectives are the committee are:

Bring awareness of the benefits of cityhood to the current residents in the proposed city of East Cobb.
Bring the question of cityhood to the residents of East Cobb to a referendum vote to allow the people to decide.

The time has come in East Cobb to form a city and create a local representation that is proportionate to the population. In the past, East Cobb has been served well by the local Cobb County Commissioner and Chair. The current Cobb BOC that oversees planning and zoning are more focused elsewhere in the county and has made recent decisions not aligned with the interests of East Cobb residents.


East Cobb cityhood enables:


  • Community control over land-use planning
  • Local policy goals more appropriate for the community
  • Creation and preservation of a local identity
  • Increase home values in an improved community


We are here to listen and learn from you and give YOU a stronger voice.


Current Committee Members and East Cobb residents:




Craig Chapin

Craig Chapin is a Technology Entrepreneur. He graduated from Samford University, where he met his wife. Craig has been a resident of East Cobb since 2nd grade, attending East Side, Dickerson, and Walton schools, and is raising his three children here. Craig volunteered for this committee in response to the explosive growth in Cobb County and the success of East Cobb. This growth has not led to any significant changes to the county structure. He loves the concept of a small city that is closer in size to the original Cobb County, focusing on issues relevant to our geographical area versus being lumped into a county the size of Cobb County.

Craig has lived in East Cobb since 2nd Grade!

Cindy Cooperman

Cindy Cooperman is a Sales Executive in the technology sector. She moved to the Atlanta area over 20 years ago and met her husband in East Cobb. She has two kids in Cobb County Schools and you can find her on the sidelines watching them play soccer most weekends. Cindy volunteered for the committee because the pandemic has shown her, now more than ever, the important role that local governance plays in our daily lives. She believes we are best served with local representatives connected to the issues and the communities they live in.

Cindy has resided in East Cobb for the last 12 years.

Joe Gavalis

Joe Gavalis is a retired Federal Agent, current volunteer Law Enforcement Coordinator, member of the North Georgia Elder Abuse Task Force, member of the Cobb County Neighborhood Safety Commission, Owner of a Security Consulting Company, and Officer for CPCA HOA. Joe joined the committee because he believes that decisions on community issues are best made by the people who reside in that community. As Thomas Jefferson stated, “The government closest to the people serves the people the best.” He believes potential city residents should be given the opportunity to vote for or against the creation of the City of East Cobb.

Joe has been a resident of East Cobb for more than 30 years.

Sarah Haas

Sarah Haas is a fitness instructor, volunteer, and mother of four. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Sarah graduated from Georgia Tech and met her husband while working in engineering in metro Atlanta. She moved to East Cobb 14 years ago from Sandy Springs and has been involved in the community ever since. Sarah volunteered for this committee because she believes having local representation for zoning, parks, and code enforcement in East Cobb will enhance the quality of our community and create a greater sense of identity and pride among its citizens.

Sarah has lived in East Cobb for the past 14 years.

Greg Hardin

Greg Hardin is a Healthcare IT Executive. He served on the original Board for the creation of East Cobb Park, was Past President of the local soccer board, and Past President of East Cobb Football. His involvement in the East Cobb sports landscape has been extensive. He graduated from Murray State and Ball State and has lived in East Cobb for 25 years with his wife and four children. Greg volunteered for this committee to encourage a family-friendly green space and improved parks and sidewalks and better walking, biking, and running friendly community throughout East Cobb.

Greg has lived in East Cobb for 25 years.

Scott Hausman

Scott Hausman is a Technology Executive. He graduated from the University of Kansas and Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago. Scott moved to East Cobb from Chicago in 1994. He and his wife raised three children in the East Cobb and its schools. Scott joined the committee because he believes truly local decisions made by local representatives will be a better representation of what is desired by the community. He believes those being governed should be provided with information about cityhood and should have the opportunity to vote on if they prefer decisions impacting our community to be made by local representatives or by people who do not live near East Cobb. “For the people by the people.”

Scott has lived in East Cobb since 1994.

Jim Kolowich

Jim is Director of Operations of French Graffiti, a wholesale manufacturer. He is a realtor and founding member of Atlanta Fine Homes East Cobb office. Jim is a member of the Catholic Church of St. Ann. His wife, Susan, owned retailer C’est Moi for 26 years and Jim opened Café Paris in 2001 to create a place for locals that was not a national chain. Together they raised three children in both public and private education in East Cobb. Jim joined the committee because he has always felt East Cobb would benefit from more local governance to accompany the small-town feeling of its residents and local institutions. 

Jim has been a resident of East Cobb since 1988.

Jerry Quan

Jerry Quan is a Cobb County School District Police Officer, Retired Cobb County Police Major (29 years), and Marine Corp Veteran. He attended Kennesaw State University and is currently an HOA Board member. Jerry was East Cobb Citizen of the Year in 2016. He joined the committee because he would like to see East Cobbers have more control over their neighborhoods through the formation of a city. He believes adult stores, home rentals, high-density development, etc, would all be better regulated under the city of East Cobb. Jerry has lived in Cobb County since 1965.

Jerry has spent the last 22 years in East Cobb.

Mitch Rhoden

Mitch Rhoden is President and CEO of Futren Hospitality. He is Past Chairman of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce (2019), Past President of Rotary Club of Marietta (2015), and Former Cub Scout Leader. He was recently named East Cobb Citizen of the Year (2020). Mitch served in the United States Marine Corps as an Engineer Officer after graduating from Ole Miss and continued onto graduate school at Kennesaw State University for his MBA. He is married with three boys who are in Cobb County Schools. Mitch was born and raised in East Cobb and has lived here all of his life except for his college and his time in the military. He volunteered for this committee because he would like to have local people making decisions that impact our zoning, code enforcement, and parks.

Mitch was born and raised in East Cobb.

Andy Smith

Andy is a Georgia Tech graduate with a BS (Architecture). He moved to Cobb County in 1988 and in 1992 founded Smith Todd Company, an interior construction company which he still operates.  Andy and his wife Ann were married in 1994 and moved to East Cobb, as so many have, to raise their family. They are members of Mt. Bethel where Andy has served on the Administrative Council, as Advocate for the Handy Helpers and Disaster Response Ministries and as Site Project Manager and Crew Leader for Habitat for Humanity. He has coached over 45 youth sports teams at Mt. Bethel and East Side Baseball and is still coaching. Andy has served Cobb County on the Planning Commission, the Transit Advisory Board and still serves on the Neighborhood Safety Commission. He is a servant leader who ran unsuccessfully for District 2 Commissioner in 2020. Andy’s zoning experience and desire to preserve the East Cobb community led him to join the Cityhood Committee in early 2022. Andy believes Cityhood is the only way to hold onto the East Cobb we all chose as our home.

Andy, Ann and their family have lived in East Cobb for 25 years.

Kim Sherk


Kim is a graduate of the Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia, and Birmingham-Southern College with a degree in Political Science and History. Devoted to servant leadership, Kim has committed decades of service to numerous boards, committees, and causes serving the State of Georgia, Cobb County, and her local community. She is the Founding Director and Vice President of the North Georgia Elder Abuse Task Force Foundation, Inc., and co-founded America's Web Radio- SAFE Senior Hour. Among her many responsibilities, Kim also serves on the Board of Directors for the MDE School, The Cobb Land Trust, and Friends of Kennesaw National Battlefield Park.

Kim and her family have lived in East Cobb since 1988.

Scott Sweeney

Scott Sweeney is a Senior Business Advisor, Current Chairman of the State Board of Education for the State of Georgia, an 8-year elected member and former Chair of the Cobb County Board of Education, past member of the Walton High School Governance Council, a member of Mount Bethel UMC, and a supporter of youth and high school lacrosse within our community. He graduated from UCLA with a BA in Economics. Scott joined the committee to remain involved in our community while working to position our community with the ability to improve our options for local control.

Scott has lived in East Cobb for 25 years.


If you would like to lend your time or advice, additional steering committee members and Community Advisory Board members are needed. Please, sign-up on the Volunteer page.


The Committee for Cityhood in East Cobb is a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation registered with the state of Georgia. Hence, donations are not tax-deductible.