Not really. More commissioners still would not provide East Cobb with the complete benefits of cityhood. The size of the population represented by each Commissioner is a challenge as it increases the size and complexity of their workloads. Another real problem to consider is that commissioners from throughout the county vote on East Cobb's issues. It is not realistic to expect each Commissioner to know the impact of a new development project on East Cobb residents when they may not have ever been in that part of the county. They are not elected from East Cobb, and they don't even have to drive through the area to get to the County Commission meetings.

Cityhood would put decisions into the hands of people who know the area, be accessible for area residents to express their opposition or support, and have a greater interest in what goes on in the area because it literally is happening in their backyards. Further, the East Cobb City Council members are motivated to strictly decide what is good for East Cobb rather than what is best for the county overall. With a large county like Cobb, it is always possible that the three Commissioners representing other areas will decide that Cobb County as a whole or their own district will be served best by approving measures that are not ideal for the East Cobb area. They were elected to do what is best for the whole county, and that may not be the best for East Cobb, and there is little recourse.

For example, a non-local investor can acquire a commercial property, propose plans to build high-density commercial or residential properties, and apply to tear down a shopping center. It has the potential to force out thriving local businesses. Allowing a zoning change like this might make sense to the Cobb County Commissioners because it would increase Cobb tax revenues. But, it would not make sense for the community. Large increases in population would fundamentally affect the area surrounding them by increasing traffic and possibly impacting the local schools. You can be sure that an East Cobb City Council would weigh the merits of a change like this with a more community-focused review.