Milton established cityhood in 2006 with over 80% support from the community. And, 15 years later, the residents have realized the benefits of cityhood through increase home values and tangible community improvements through local reinvestment.

We took a look at their city millage rate and found Milton is another example of what good looks like in terms of cityhood initiatives. From 2019 to 2020, they LOWERED the rate from 5.319 mils to 5.269 mils. And we just read the news that in 2021, even with the lowered rate, there is a tax surplus contributing to the excess revenues and they just announced their plans for it last week to the residents. Read more about it here in the AJC Article.

Milton reallocates excess revenues in 2021.

And cityhood for Milton just keeps delivering for its residents. On May 6th, they announced their plans to redistribute excess revenues for city improvements. The funds will be allocated to several different projects ranging from parks, greenspace, and road improvements.

"Milton is consistently ranked as offering residents among the highest quality of life in Georgia. In 2011 -- just five years after the City's incorporation -- Milton was rated as having the highest quality of life in the state of Georgia and ninth-highest quality of life in the southern United States. And the website 24/7 Wall Street in 2019 ranked Milton as the best place to live in Georgia. Milton also regularly ranks as one of Georgia's safest cities, according to numerous reports."

You can read this and more on the about section of their website.