East Cobb is one step closer to having the chance to vote in a referendum on the question of cityhood.

Today, January 13, 2022, the Georgia Governmental Affairs Committee voted 9-4 to approved HB 841, to incorporate the City of East Cobb, to move to the next step in the legislative process. This is one step closer to having the question of cityhood put to the ballot as a referendum question for the residents of East Cobb to vote.

CoEC Committee members Sarah Haas, Craig Chapin, Cindy Cooperman and Scott Hausman were present to speak at the Sub-Committee and Committee hearings this week. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Matt Dollar and co-sponsored by Rep. Sharon Cooper and Rep. Ed Setzler.

East Cobb Cityhood Committee members pictured with local legislators at the Georgia Capitol.

January 12, 2022, Front: Sarah Haas, Sen. John Albers, Cindy Cooperman, Scott Sweeney. Back: Craig Chapin, Rep. Matt Dollar, Scott Hausman.

Please, let your legislators know you support letting the residents of East Cobb have the opportunity to vote in a referendum.

You can email a note of support to our legislators who have all signed on to support this bill. We are very appreciative of their support throughout this process. You can watch them at work in the committee meeting HERE.

You can send them an email using the links below:

Rep. Matt Dollar

Rep. Sharon Cooper

GA Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick

GA Sen. John Albers

As the data shows, the impact of our educational efforts is clearly driving positive results. Due to overwhelming feedback from the City of East Cobb supporters, the committee added Police and Fire to the City of East Cobb's proposed services. This change still allows the feasibility study to show a surplus while allowing our proactive community policing so East Cobb can become an even better place to live. 

We have released the feasibility study, which shows that the city is fiscally feasible and would generate a surplus. It's important to note that this does not include the $1.8m contingency nor any funds from the county that cities receive in the Memorandum of Understanding Agreement (MoU).

Representative Matt Dollar will carry the bill to the Georgia House of Representatives. And, Senator John Albers will carry the bill to the Georgia Senate. We also have Representative Sharon Cooper and Senator Kay Kirkpatrick committed to co-sponsor the bill.

The CoECC core objectives are:

  1. Pass the legislation in both the House and Senate, allowing for a referendum in the next election cycle.
  2. Continue to the effort to educate and communicate the benefits of cityhood to the residents of East Cobb.


East Cobb Cityhood Committee