Regarding natural gas, there will be no increase in your utility bill as franchise fees are included in the base rate. The only difference will be that franchise fee collected by natural gas suppliers will be paid to the city instead of Cobb County.

For example, Georgia Power currently collects a franchise fee of approximately 3% from customers who reside inside the city limits. There is also an unidentified franchise fee (1%) collected but it is included in the base rate. If the city is created, it will receive the municipal franchise fee and a portion of the fee charged to residents living outside of the city limits.

Franchise fees are also collected on telephone service. These franchise fees are charged on land lines not cellphones. Only those with a telephone land line may see a franchise fee addition on their bill. If a city is established, the city has the option to charge a franchise fee up to 3% of the telephone bill. Again, this is for telephone landlines only.

In Georgia, cable providers pay between 3-5% in franchise fees to municipalities and counties for the use of public rights-of-way. You should not see a change to your cable bill. Additionally, there are no franchise fees if you have a satellite provider.