Cobb County Commissioners increase tax digest by approving 38 new condos against community objections.

Thirty-eight new condos will generate additional tax revenue for the county once the building is complete. This is an increase from its previous revenue generation as a commercially zoned area.

If the area of Leland Dr were part of an incorporated city, a council of 5-6 people representing the area they reside in would have voted on this. And, we think a local council would have voted differently, in the interest of existing residents, businesses, and community members, like AFB Dobbins in this case. While not in the proposed boundaries of East Cobb, it is getting too close for comfort. This is an example of why East Cobb needs cityhood.

In the news on May 19, 2021, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to approve a condo development on the flight path of AFB Dobbins despite objections due to the site's location within Dobbin's "Accidental Potential Zone." You can read more about it in the MDJ article linked below.

The objection from AFB Dobbins was supported by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce in a letter submitted to the review board. “We hope you will deny application Z-11 of 2021 to help protect Dobbins Air Reserve Base and support their missions,” the letter reads, signed by Chairman John loud, CEO Sharon Mason, and COO Dana Johnson. “Dobbins Air Reserve Base is critical to our local economy and national defense.”

Instead of continuing discussion, as in other high-density residential applications, the planning commission fast-tracked and approved the project. They did not ask the developer to re-evaluate and revise the project.

How much closer to East Cobb do decisions like this need to get? It's time to slow down high-density residential development.

Read more about it at MDJOnline:

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