Local representation is the best representation.

Creating the city of East Cobb will bring key services like Zoning & Community Development closer to home. Representatives will live in the areas they represent with a much lower proportion to 1:9000 council members constituents. #KeepItLocal

Key areas of focus for the city of East Cobb are on development and re-development in East Cobb. Look around and you will quickly see that East Cobb is already fully developed. But, that does not mean it is not growing. Demand for this area will continue to be high, especially as people see the value in the area and our exceptional public schools.

When an area is already developed and there remains high demand, that means development often times has nowhere to go but UP! East Cobb needs local control over the RE-DEVELOPMENT of East Cobb. Otherwise, it won't be long before you are looking up at unwanted vertical structures and over-packed traffic corridors. The rise in approved Zoning Applications for increased density is a good early indicator that things are headed up if we don't take action. You cannot unbuild tall structures. That is why is it important to have representation that lives in the community, drives through the same streets and shops at the same grocery stores as their constituents.

Council / Commission Members Constituents Ratio
Cobb County 760,000 1:152,000
Atlanta 488,000 1:30,500
Marietta 60,500 1:7,500




Did you know?

Councils can range in size from 5 to 51 across the nation, although the national average is six. While the number of councilmen is proportional to the population of the municipality, there is no national standard of proportion. In addition, the size of a council may reflect the complexity of services provided, the council’s workload, the diversity and size of the population, the political dynamics and preferences of the city. This variability is illustrated by the large range in the number of councilmen per number of constituents, from 6,278 in Albany to over 250,000 in Los Angeles. (Source: https://www.nlc.org/city-councils/)

City of East Cobb Structure:

  • Six (6) elected members from three (3) posts
  • Each post has two (2) members each. One (1) member from each post must be elected city-wide;
  • By a majority vote, the councilmembers shall elect a councilmember to serve as mayor. The mayor shall serve a two-year term of office.
  • The affirmative vote of four councilmembers shall be required for the adoption of any ordinance, resolution, or motion.