Another big step toward a referendum vote this week for East Cobbers!

  • HB841 House Vote Tomorrow (Thursday) Email your House Reps.
  • Sign the Petition
  • Updates to the Bill & New Dates in the Process
  • The Map – Are you in?
  • About the Committee – See who from your community is on the committee

HB841 House Vote Tomorrow (Thursday). Email your House Reps

HB841, a bill to incorporate the City of East Cobb, will be voted on tomorrow, Thursday, January 26th in the Georgia House of Representatives. You can WATCH LIVE.

ACTION: Email our House Reps. to let them know you want them to VOTE YESto allow a referendum in East Cobb. There are organizers, many from outside the City of East Cobb boundaries, against a referendum vote who actively and vocally oppose this legislation. Let your legislators know that you live in East Cobb and you want the right to vote on cityhood.

Write a personal email using the links below:

Rep. Matt Dollar (Sponsor)

Rep. Sharon Cooper (Co-Sponsor)

Rep. Ed Setzler (Co-Sponsor)

Petition to Hold a Referendum Vote on Cityhood in East Cobb

The residents of East Cobb deserve the RIGHT TO VOTE in a REFERENDUM to decide whether we should become the City of East Cobb.

Sign the petition to show your local legislators that you support the democratic process and self-determination.

Updates to the Bill & New Dates in the Process

Referendum Date: The East Cobb Cityhood Committee supports holding a referendum vote in the May primary. If the majority of residents in East Cobb vote yes to Cityhood, it opens the door for a council to be elected in November, thereby avoiding the need for a special election.

In addition to being more cost-effective, this timing is ideal for getting an elected council in place for 2023 and positioned to make critical decisions.

Council Structure: After considering feedback from the community, legislators, and the Governmental Affairs Committee members, we requested a change to adopt a more conventional council structure, like the City of Milton.

The entire city will elect a mayor and six elected council members, two from three districts.

The Map: Are you in?

Everybody loves maps. It's the #1 question we receive. We posted an updated PDF of the map on the website last November. See the map.

On November 19, 2021, we posted an update to the map with a revision to include the neighborhoods at the end of Columns Drive.

About the Committee

The East Cobb Cityhood Committee is made up entirely of people who live in the proposed boundaries of the City of East Cobb. The committee has raised money from over 50 donors. These community donors live in the proposed City of East Cobb. Donations from the community are used to fund our activities, like commissioning the feasibility study. You can learn more about the committee members and our mission in our website's "about" section. Read more.

Thanks for reading the update. Please forward it to your friends and neighbors in East Cobb.


East Cobb Cityhood