A "City-Lite" approach is being proposed following community feedback received in 2019. The city services under consideration are Community Development including Planning and Zoning, Parks and Recreation, and Code Enforcement.

A city in Georgia must provide at least three city services to residents to qualify for incorporation. These services can be reconsidered and revised in response to community suggestions and recommendations from the finance committee and a new City of East Cobb Feasibility Study to be commissioned.

In this scenario, East Cobb could pass zonings with no vote from anyone outside of the city. This will allow the city to stop high-density residential and commercial development that counties cannot usually stop. The city can reserve green space and restrict eyesore developments. The city permit process will be streamlined for those who wish to upgrade their homes. Citizens may serve on an "all citizen zoning board." Which makes zoning recommendations to the full City Council. A planning commission will be formed to look at any new zoning requests proactively.