Bring Management Closer to Home.

Cobb County has four Commissioners who represent 750,000 citizens --- approximately 190,000 citizens per district. The proposed city of East Cobb will have 6 council members who represent approximately 60,000 citizens--- approximately 10,000 per district.

The proposed six council members would be voting on issues they are familiar with within the community they reside. They will not have to confront the massive county-wide issues that the Cobb County Commissioners routinely face. These councilors will make decisions that directly affect East Cobb. They will not be required to weigh Cobb's interests as a whole against decisions that will make East Cobb better.

Another important consideration is that all Cobb County elected offices are partisan. The proposed city of East Cobb will have a mayor and six council members who residents will elect on a non-partisan basis. A smaller non-partisan government will allow greater citizen control over the decisions being made on their behalf. A City Council managed by their fellow East Cobb residents will exercise their vote with a greater understanding of their actions' likely results. As Thomas Jefferson noted, "the government closest to the people serves the people best."