Public safety is included in the new city services in an effort to create community policing and to tailor services to the needs specific to the City of East Cobb. Currently, there are 49 sworn officers out of precinct 4 responsible for covering 74 square miles. Based on analyses in the feasibility study of other newer Georgia municipalities, the proposed city could fund up to 71 sworn officers to cover approximately 25 square miles. This lower ratio of sworn officer to resident allows for more community policing and quicker response times. Having officers dedicated to the City of East Cobb also lends itself to building relationships, and more community engagement. 

Learning from other recently incorporated municipalities, the City of East Cobb can tailor fire and rescue services in a way that cannot be done on a scale that Cobb County provides. For example, there are newer technologies for fire trucks to help response times. There are opportunities to maximize efficiency of resources when it comes to emergency calls not requiring fire suppression. Understanding the proposed city of East Cobb is bordered by two other municipalities, contains five senior living facilities, and has no main thoroughfares, no airports, no trains, and no industrial buildings creates an area unique and different from any other municipality in Cobb County.