The School Tax exemption at age 62 will continue. School taxes are per Cobb County school district, and your senior exemption will not change.


No! You will not lose your senior tax exemption. No city government in Cobb County can modify or eliminate the Senior Age 62+ School Property Tax Exemption on Primary Residences. The Cobb County and/or Marietta Board of Education cannot do so. The Cobb County Board of Commissioners cannot do so. The Cobb delegation (Cobb’s Senators and Representatives) cannot do so. Cobb County voters are the only people who could do so.

To reduce or repeal the Cobb County Senior School Property Tax Exemption would require legislative sponsorship by members of Cobb County’s Delegation (i.e., State Senators & Representatives serving Cobb), followed by 2/3rd majority support in each house of Georgia’s General Assembly. IF that were to happen, the ballot initiative would be presented to Cobb County voters where a majority vote would be required to adopt the proposed changes.